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Warmly congratulation on Jiaxi being identified as “Provincial High-tech Enterprise R&D Center”
Editor:浙江嘉熙科技有限公司 Created On : 2019-05-15 Viewd : 928

According to <The Regulation of Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise R&D Center>(NO.75 of Zhejiang Tech [2009]),after application by the enterprise, recommendation by the administration, Investigation and evaluation by professors, joint hearing by the relevant sectors, and the publication, finally, Jiaxi R&D Center was identified as “Provincial High-tech Enterprise R&D Center” in December,2016. This success of certification reflects the strength of Jiaxi’s technology research reaches a new high level.



    For the certification, Jiaxi has increased investment in technological research and development, enhanced the management ability, improved the hardware of technology development, also, the company has advanced its capability of research by this chance. Now the company has a batch of core technologies and core products on its proprietary intellectual property. The competition ability and the technical strength of Jiaxi are strengthened through the whole authentication process.