Company History

  • 2021


    ● In December, passed IATF16949 certification

    ● In December, it was recognized as a specialized and special new enterprise

  • 2020


    ● In January, the 5G base station radiator was officially mass-produced

    ● In April, the registration place was changed to Hangzhou, Zhejiang

    ● In December, the overall restructuring and establishment of Zhejiang Karhe Technology Co., Ltd.

    ● In December, Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Bureau's IPO counseling filing

  • 2019


    ● In June, tax credit A-level enterprise

    ● In August, Zhejiang Jiaxi increased its capital by 10 million yuan

    ● In August, completed the TV cooling plate

    ● 5G base station heat sink project

    ● In September, became the first-level supplier of Hisense Electric

    ● In December, Zhejiang Karhe increased its capital by RMB 65 million

    ● In December, the PCI radiator for ZTE 5G base station was officially mass-produced

  • 2018


    ● In April, 2017 County-level Science and Technology Progress Third Prize

    ● In July, Shanghai Jiaxi increased its capital by 7.5 million yuan

    ● In December, Zhejiang Jiaxi increased its capital by 5 million yuan

    ● In December, the kitchen thawing plate passed the "品 Standard" Zhejiang Manufacturing Certification

    ● In December, the Zhejiang Equity Exchange Center was listed on the Innovation Board Code: 803426

  • 2017


    ● In January, won the 2016 Advanced Group for Enthusiastic Charity

    ● In January, the thawing plate was officially mass-produced

  • 2016


    ● In September, the third-level enterprise of safety production standardization

    ● In October, Shenzhen Jiaming Technology Co., Ltd. was established

    ● In December, it was identified as a provincial high-tech enterprise R&D center

    ● In December, municipal Industrial Design Center

  • 2015


    ● In March, Passed ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification

    ● County Industrial Design Center (PCI Technology Industrial Design Center)

    ● Set up Shanghai Karhe Technology

    ● In August, it was recognized as a municipal high-tech research and development center

    ● In September, it was rated as a national high-tech enterprise

    ● In November, county Industrial Enterprise Technology Center

    ● In December, county Patent Demonstration Enterprise

    ● Municipal Science and Technology Progress Third Prize

  • 2014


    ● In May, passed ISO9001 certification

    ● In October, Karhe Technology established the R&D Center for Phase Change Suppression Heat Transfer Technology

    ● In November, jointly established with the Institute of Industrial Heat, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    ● High-efficiency heat transfer technology joint research and development center

    ● In December, it was recognized as a county-level technology research and development center

    ● Become an enterprise above designated size

  • 2013


    ● In February, the first urban lighting EMC renovation project was completed

    ● In December, it was rated as a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise in Zhejiang Province

  • 2012


    ● In June, the company was established with a registered capital of 50 million yuan

    ●IN December mass production of LED lamps/radiators