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Karhe Technology Co., Ltd. is established in 2012. Is one of High-Tech manufacturer of optoelectronic products, and Sino Hong Kong joint venture. As the innovation first in the world, Phase Change Inhibited (PCI) Heat Transfer Technology developed by Karhe, changes the traditional heat transfer mode, and it is coefficient of thermal conductivity reaches the order of 4 000W/m-K, and more than that of metal materials such as aluminum and copper.

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Phase Change Inhibitied (PCI) Heat Transfer technology

The principle of Phase Change Inhibited (PCI) Heat Transfer

Inject the special substance into the special designed enclosed slotted cavity. When it is heated, the boiling phenomenon general existed is restrained, then the high efficient heat transfer phenomenon appears. This phenomenon was discovered by Cheechiang SAE LEE in 2005.

After nearly 10 years’ experiment and production, the heat transfer device based on the PCI phenomenon and technology are completed, having the absolute proprietary intellectual property. Among it, PCI devices made by aluminum thin plate are widely produced, and applied in aviation, high-speed train, solar heat collection, etc. Meantime, PCI technology is being used for heat dissipation of high power electric and electronic devices in the area, for example, microprocessor, LED back projection TV , IGBT, etc.  

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