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The standard of Karhe’s defrost board for kitchen upgraded to “Zhejiang Manufacturing” community standards
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On November 22, 2018, experts from Zhejiang Product Quality and Safety (ZQS)Inspection Institute, Ingeer Certification Assessment Services(ICAS), Wit Assessment, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other units in the same industry visit Jiaxi-Tech for the evaluation of the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” community standards of defrost board for kitchen .

The defrost board for kitchen is a successful application of PCI technology to kitchen product. The process of the produce uses at least 7 patents of Karhe, including Phase Change Suppression Heat Transfer Plate, Single-side blowing process, etc. Compared with other brands of defrost boards on the market, the defrost boards made by Karhe has many advantages such as lighter appearance and shorter thawing time, it was so welcomed by customer since it became available. The evaluation of the “Made in Zhejiang” community standards is really a test of Jiaxi’s  Innovation and Quality Control Work, it is also a leap from Enterprise Standard to Regional Standard and Industry Standard.

The evaluation included several sectors such as a report and explanation of standard compilation, the standard documents review by the panel, and on-site inquiries and replies, etc. After a rigorous and prudent evaluation, the panel believed that the technical requirements and the quality commitment of the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” community standards of defrost board for kitchen met the advanced requirements of "Zhejiang Manufacturing". The design and material selection of Karhe’s defrost board for kitchen embodied the characteristics of "Intelligent Manufacturing" and "Green Manufacturing", So the panel agreed to pass the evaluation.

The successful of evaluation reflects the authorities and the elites recognition of the technology and products of Karhe, it is an important win in the process of transformation and upgrading of Jiaxi-Tech. "First-class enterprises set standards", the technical parameters and quality requirements of defrost board of Jiaxi-tech will become the evaluation template of other brands, and Karhe will seize the opportunity to create more excellent products.