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Chinese Academy of Engineering experts led visit Jiaxi Thermal Physics Institute guidance
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September 28, 2014, the eve of National Day, Ph.D., Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Engineering Thermophysics, director, teacher and researcher Tang Dawei Research Associate Dr. Yuan Dazhong Shanghai line, and  Electric chairman and company managers to communicate scientific cooperation between the two sides matters reached a preliminary agreement. Tang teacher and his entourage also inspect and guide the work on September 29 to  electrical Jiashan factory.

Ms. Tang's trip on their future cooperation and  electric company conducted in-depth communication and power technology with  Deputy Leader depth exchanges heat transfer technology for PCI. Night and Jiashan County Committee Secretary Zhu, in charge of science and technology of high county and Technology Bureau Dongju Zhang and other local leaders met.

Chinese Academy of Engineering, Institute of Thermal Physics, as a top research institution heat domestic discipline, has long been highly concerned about heat transfer technology for PCI and PCI actively follow up study of heat transfer mechanism.