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In April 2018, Mr. Lu Zhongliang, a process engineer of Jiaxi participated in the appraisal of "small city big craftsman" .After a conscientious evaluation of the contestants' performance and professionalism, Mr. Lu finally won the honorary title of "Yaozhuang Craftsman".

The "small city big craftsman" is a series of competition activities organized by the authorities of Yaozhuang since 2017. As its influence growsin this year, the activities attracted some co-organizers, including the union of Jiashan and the union of Fengjing town of Shanghai. They say, the main purpose of hosting such activities is to commend the technical backbone of Yaozhuang town.

Mr. Lu has devoted himself into the application of PCI technology in street lamps since he entered Jiaxi in 2013. The street lamps designed by Mr. Lu have been used in Yaozhuang, Jinyun County, Lishui County, Zhuji County and other places. The street lamps used in Yaozhuang has been worked for more than three years, so far, the light decay is less than 1%, and the bad light rate is less than 3. In 2016, Mr. Lu started to develop a 1000W class high-power lamp, and this high-power lamp has been widely used in airports and court.

        “We will continue to uphold the craftsmanship spirit, try our best to solve the technological problems for the enterprises, save the cost of manufacturing, improve the quality of the products, and make the modern industry benefit the human society.” says Mr. Lu, after winning.