Karhe Technology 2021 Team Building Activities

Editor:浙江嘉熙科技股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-05-21 

Forge ahead in unity, forge ahead and innovate

In May, the vegetation is prosperous, the sun is shining, a season full of vigor, just like our youth, full of vitality.

In order to enrich the spare time life of employees, create a harmonious atmosphere for the team, allow employees to fully relax after intense work, promote exchanges and communication between cadres and employees, and publicize and implement the company's corporate culture construction. On May 21, 2021, all the employees of Zhejiang Karhe Technology Co., Ltd. went to the Baiyuan grassland in Anji, Huzhou, and carried out the first team building activity of the year with the theme of "Forging ahead in unity, pioneering and innovating".    

We set off on time at 7:00 in the morning. Along the way, everyone was enthusiastic and in high spirits. After a two-hour drive, we arrived at the destination of this event - the Baicao Scenic Spot in South China. This activity is mainly divided into two parts: team development and scenic spot tour. Everyone is divided into four teams, and under the leadership of the coach, the team fights in the form of a relay race. Through a series of colorful interactions, the concept of teamwork is enhanced, the enthusiasm of employees is stimulated, and the cohesion of the team and the sense of belonging of employees are also enhanced.

At the end of the event, Chairman Zhao Yang, chairman of the labor union, said that this team building event is the first team building event of Karhe Technology, and it is also a good start as a member of Karhe Technology. In the future development process, it is hoped that all employees can meet the challenges with a high sense of responsibility and a strong sense of mission. The management should give full play to their leadership in it, strengthen the publicity and implementation of the concept of teamwork awareness, and allow employees to cooperate in cooperation. Improve work efficiency, feel the charm of teamwork, and jointly create a bright future for Karhe Technology.