Seeking common development and sharing achievements Karhe technology employee stock ownership platform was established

Editor:浙江嘉熙科技股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-10-09 

On October 9, Hangzhou Jiayi Enterprise Management Partnership (Limited Partnership), as the implementation carrier of Karhe Technology Equity Incentive Plan, completed the registration in Yuhang Industrial and Commercial Department. Nine people, including the company's management, business backbones and technical backbones, are the targets of Karhe Technology's current round of equity incentives.

This round of employee equity incentive plan was unanimously approved by all the directors of Karhe Technology Board. It is also hoped that through the equity incentive plan, the inherent potential and value creation energy of all Karhe people will be stimulated, and the company will be bigger and stronger together.

Steady and far-reaching, deep ploughing and waiting for autumn!

Through the equity incentive plan, Karhe's board of directors calls on all Karhe people to unite closely, maintain passion and tenacity, seize the platform opportunities of Karhe, give full play to their talents, strive to broaden their horizons, accurately grasp opportunities, create value for shareholders, and make contributions to Karhe. Failing to live up to the trust and support of shareholders and the board of directors.