Chen Xinyou, Director of Jiaxing Science and Technology Bureau, and his delegation visited Karhe for investigation

Editor:浙江嘉熙科技股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-03-16 

On the afternoon of the 11th of this month, Chen Xinyou, Director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, led the County Science and Technology Bureau, the County Economic and Information Commission and the Industrial Zone Management Committee to visit Karhe Science and Technology for research. General Manager Fan of our company, and Dr. Tong, the head of R&D, had a discussion with the leaders. comminicate.


At the meeting, Director Chen Xinyou learned in detail about the resumption of work and production, R&D investment, scientific research achievements and industrial transformation of Karhe Technology. After listening to our company's report, Director Chen Xinyou expressed satisfaction with the achievements of Karhe Technology's resumption of work and production, and highly affirmed Karhe Technology's emphasis on research and development, relying on core technologies to achieve industry-leading development strategies. He also further inquired about the current problems that the company needs to solve, and asked relevant departments to increase policy support for Karhe Technology.



 Subsequently, Director Chen Xinyou and his party visited our company's product exhibition hall. After watching the performance demonstration of our company's related PCI cooling products, Director Chen Xinyou reaffirmed the broad market prospects of our company's cooling products. Provide guidance on the introduction of scientific and technological talents, and provide assistance for our company's scientific and technological innovation!