The power of role models - 2019 Excellent Employee Report

Editor:浙江嘉熙科技股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-01-15 

In order to commend the advanced, promote the conscientious, enterprising and excellence spirit of Karhe people, and stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of all employees, this month, Karhe Technology launched the 2019 outstanding employee selection activity. Adhering to the principles of fairness,openness, impartiality, and publicity, recommendation and nomination, and the review team voted Zeng Qiao, Shi Dongmei, Wu Limin, Sun Huihui, Chu Hongyu, Chen Xiaoge and Sun Zhiwei are the outstanding employees of the year, and the company awarded them the honorary titles of "Outstanding Contribution Award", "On-site Management Award" and "Excellent Staff" respectively.

The chairman of the company, Mr. Si Zhengming, presented awards to the outstanding employees who won the honor and congratulated them.

 Employees are the foundation of an enterprise, and excellent employees are the magic weapon for an enterprise to win. They promote Karhe's continuous development through their unremitting efforts and dedication.

 Let's get close to them, gather the power of example, and be the great Karhe people!

"Outstanding Contribution Award" Zeng Qiao - hard work, tenacity

    When preparing to visit customers; he bravely shoulders heavy burdens, is not afraid of hardships and difficulties, and shows positive energy to all employees; he cooperates internally and externally, regardless of personal gains and losses, and cooperates with R&n  technology and other departments to realize TV and 5G The mass production of two categories of radiators has achieved remarkable results and is the hard pioneer of Karhe Technology.


"Site Management Award" Shi Dongmei - Loyalty, Refinement

Warehouse keeper at Karhe Technologies. She has excellent business, clear accounts of raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, waste, etc., accurate verification of the company's property and products in and out of the warehouse, and made outstanding contributions to the company's incoming material control and reducing customer complaint rate; no matter how hard it is Tired, she always sticks to her post and is a loyal defender of the company's interests.


"Excellent Production Employee" Wu Limin——Dedicated and Happy

 Karhe technology production line operator, responsible for the two key processes of printing and rolling. She has mastered the operation skills of 11 different stations on the production line; she is determined to forge ahead and actively participates in the production of the bottleneck process; she is conscientious and meticulous and assists the squad leader in the statistical work of the workshop, which is the most beneficial in Karhe workshop One of the backbone.


"Excellent Production Employee" Chen Xiaoge - Professionalism, Responsibility

Inspector of Karhe Technology Quality Control Department, she is skilled in professional skills. She has developed a pair of keen eyes from years of inspection experience. At the same time, she also maintains the excellent professional ethics as a quality inspector - she will never tolerate poor quality. In December 2019, we detected and prevented the expansion of defective products in time, which also avoided the expansion of the company's losses. Her professionalism and honesty are exactly where Karhe's conscience lies!


"Excellent functional employee" Sun Zhiwei - efficient and serious

Karhe Technology Marketing Department has undertaken all the documentary work for the sales of lamps, thawing panels, TVs, and 5G radiators. Her work is efficient and orderly, and she is not sloppy or impetuous. She assisted in the production of street lamp renovation project bids many times. Win the bid; when personal interests are inconsistent with the company's interests, choose to be anxious about the company's urgency, think what the company thinks, and complete each order carefully. Seriously, don't lose!


Excellent functional employees"Sun Huihui——Innovative and enterprising

"Excellent functional employee" Sun Huihui, engineer of R&D department. Responsible for improving processes and optimizing product performance, she is diligent in thinking and good at summarizing, and is the intellectual responsibility of the younger generation in the R&D department. She has a big-picture view. At the critical moment of the company's development, she will not give up day and night, stick to the front line, and make great contributions to the company's mass production. It is a new force for the enrichment of Karhe's products and the sustainable development of Karhe's company!


"Excellent Functional Employee" Chu Hongyu - Practical and Collaborative

The engineer of Karhe Technology and Technology Department is responsible for process improvement and promotes the realization of the company's goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. He works hard and does his due diligence. He cooperates with the department to complete multiple emergency orders and improve the product process of the project, which has greatly improved the company's product standardization and production efficiency. great effect. His work style is diligent and down-to-earth, he has a strong sense of cooperation and cooperation, and is friendly. He has been well received by leaders and collaborators.


Gather the power of example, because of their existence, Karhe technology will emerge countless outstanding individuals, let us gather together into a tower, and strive for the future of Karhe, our future!