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Efficient heat transfer technology joint research and development center opening ceremony was held successfully
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January 28, 2015 morning, hot Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Engineering and Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Zhejiang efficient heat transfer technology and joint research and development center opening signing ceremony was held in Zhejiang Jiashan Shi Boda hotel.

    January 28 morning, the first floor of the magnificent World Expo Hotel Four Seasons, the scene almost a full house, a warm atmosphere. Efficient heat transfer technology joint research and development center in the signing and opening ceremony was held here. Chinese Academy of Engineering, Institute of Physics, Heat and Mass Transfer hot Tang Dawei, director of the center, Wu Bangxian 袁达忠 researcher and associate professor from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University in Shanghai, Zhejiang Energy Research Institute, Hangzhou Electronic universities, research institutions nearly 20 expert at the University of Science and Technology, China Electronics Technology Group 18 and the Guangdong Institute and other standardization; and from the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, Jiashan County, the county people's congresses, the county government, Zhejiang Yao Zhuang Economic Development Zone, the county Science and Technology Bureau and by letter Bureau and other departments and units of more than 30 leaders also attended and witnessed the signing and opening ceremony.

    Chinese Academy of Engineering of the heat Tang Zhuren recalled phase change heat transfer inhibition (PCI) technology in the discovery and study of history, and the future after further research  electricity through joint research and development center, revealed confidence in PCI technology principle, at the same time, he also we look forward to PCI technology in more areas further expand the application.electric technical director, director, PCI inventor --CheachiangSae Lee also attended by experts and leaders welcomed the formal establishment of efficient heat transfer and announced a joint research and development center.

    Power, chairman of Mr. Tang Zhuren and Sze Chingming signed a cooperation agreement. Zhejiang Science and Technology Department leadership and energy research center for the development of the unveiling. Jiashan County Magistrate Chu Standing and high, respectively, made a statement, congratulated the establishment of the center, and made a promise to its realization of industrialization in the future.

    The concern and support of experts in various fields and at all levels of government agencies, phase-change inhibiting heat transfer technology after 11 years of development, today not only getting access to many of the world's experts in the field of heat transfer attention and recognition, but also in Jiashan, for LED lights radiator, achieved the first global industrial application. Jiaxi Guang Electric After years of struggle, its iconic phase change heat transfer sheet suppression device production line has matured and begun to take shape. In this cooling technology as the main development of high-power LED street lamps and other lighting fixtures also launched large-scale investment in many cities of China lighting applications. At the same time, including a large flat-screen TVs, high-power IGBT TEC heat and power generation in the field of research and development is also beginning, is expected to have moved into commercial production. As a technical cooperation and industrial development to solar energy based products to inhibit the second phase change heat transfer plate production line will be completed and put into production. This not only brings to enterprises and local economic interests, but also laid a solid foundation for reassuring suppress research and development phase change heat transfer. The establishment of efficient heat transfer technology joint research and development center, help accelerate the development of unique high-efficiency electric heat (PCI) technology, and will boost the technology in related industries, fields of application, promotion.