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EU sanctions against three Chinese PV companies
Editor:Karhe Technology Co., Ltd. Created On : 2019-05-09 Viewd : 648

EU sanctions against Chinese PV companies to make a strong response. The European Commission today announced that three of Artes and other Chinese solar panel producers anti-dumping sanctions. Artes said the lack of a legal basis for the EU's decision, is considering legal proceedings to resolve the case. Experts pointed out that the sanctions will not cause too much impact on the Chinese PV industry.

For the EU sanctions, Artes in to Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters De Huiying and Zhong Chen, the company's business and sales in Europe in full compliance with the terms of the agreement signed with Europe, there is no violation of EU sanctions against the lack of legal basis, which Artus will take legal measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company.

Last weekend, the European Commission announced that Canadian Solar, Sheng new energy and Yuhui Solar Group 3 Chinese solar panel manufacturer, high tariffs, while it was expelled from the agreement between Europe and China signed the solar panel industry. The EU, said the three companies violated the agreement in 2013 between Europe and China to reach the solar panel industry, the agreement allows these Chinese companies is exempt up to 70% of the tariff, it also requires Chinese producers export price is higher than the lowest price, and the need to comply with several other requirements; In addition, the above-funded enterprises there are other violations of the agreement, including the payment of European customers to buy their products without reporting funds, as well as the price of the product will actually dropped the minimum import price under the agreement stipulates.

For the impact of the sanctions, the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association Mengxian Gan said, because after 2012 the EU anti-dumping cases, Chinese PV companies significantly reduced the share in the traditional markets in Europe, an increase in the country, Africa, Business in the Americas, Southeast Asia and other regions, so that the EU sanctions will not cause too much impact on the Chinese PV industry. But the EU's trade protectionism is regular, one-time can not fundamentally resolved, Chinese PV companies in addition to increasing the share of exports to other areas should also enhance scientific and technological innovation, the creation of product superiority, complete circumvention of anti-dumping actions.