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Jiaxi Guang electric development of new products Filings - in 2013 the first batch of Zhejiang provincial new product
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2013 by the Technical Office of Science and Technology in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, the first provincial organization to declare a new product, the company declared that the success of two provincial new product (unregulated drive power LED street light, efficient cooling LED lights). now in Zhejiang Science and Technology Department website publicity, Web site: http: //

 Electric attaches great importance to technology development and innovation of new products to work LED to declare the success of the new products, both for our product quality and technical level of full recognition, but also for the company to achieve leapfrog development into a powerful driving force.

 electrically independent research and production of LED lights with high heat transfer efficiency, small size, light weight, energy saving, long life and other advantages. Where unregulated drive power LED street light products many patents in one, using new high-efficiency heat radiating plate integrated core technology, new light source optical design, thin film-powered devices to meet the lighting needs of different sections of the road. Currently, Jiaxi LED lights have been widely used in roads, shop lighting, energy efficient alternative to traditional lighting products, lighting and energy-saving effect, the majority of users of praise, and achieved good economic and social benefits.