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Jiaxi Guang electricity and Lanzhou Longxing Group signed a cooperation agreement
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December 4, 2013, Jiaxi Guang electricity and heating Lanzhou Longxing Woer Kai Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement in Shanghai. In this cooperation, Jia Xiguang electricity using its existing phase-change inhibiting heat transfer technology, developed radiator, flat plate solar collectors and other areas of applications.

Lanzhou Longxing Group was established in 1998, is the only Ministry of Construction "radiator corrosion research and production base," China's heating radiator industry leading enterprises, the company production capacity of 500 million column (film), is China's light radiator industry in the production of the most species-wide, the largest production scale, the highest market share of companies, with hundreds of store sales, nearly 200 stores.

In cooperation with Lanzhou Longxing Group is to provide the industry  electric heat solve demonstration projects and programs, applied research programs, company executives expect to achieve technical, marketing, production platforms and other resources through this partnership highly effective integration, and ultimately win the Lanzhou Longxing Group.