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LED lighting lit cross-strait cooperation opportunities
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13, the two sides butt and lighting procurement information conference held in Xiamen, from Europe, emerging economies and Middle East countries and other 15 international buyers and nearly 100 suppliers of energy-efficient lighting both sides were invited to participate. Just one day, nearly 250 field procurement negotiations, Hercynian intention to bring $ 60 million of the purchase order.


As one of the eighteenth CXMEE the highlight of a series of activities photoelectric Haixi region has become the largest annual gathering of the photovoltaic industry's most influential and appeal of cross-strait exchanges and cooperation in science and technology industry opened a window. Among them, the 2014 cross-strait LED Application Innovation Forum is to attract more than 350 industry representatives from across the Taiwan Strait to jointly explore for the pilot LED semiconductor lighting how to turn on cross-strait cooperation opportunities, and eventually diversified into the international market.

Applications segment change in the future life


"The future of LED applications is extremely broad, will thus lead to a new generation of light revolution." This view has become the consensus of many industry experts. Intelligent lighting followed in the construction of smart city shine while wearable electronics, optical communications, lighting and other innovative applications of plant products are becoming the new darling of the market.


"Growth and development of plants depend on photosynthesis. Photosynthesis by light quality and effect, and the light quality easy to mix and control, it is characteristic of LED lighting." In the president of the International Semiconductor Lighting Industry Alliance Ling opinion, a plant cultivation only LED lighting applications beyond a small part. She said the future-oriented applications to LED semiconductor lighting market will be more segments, demand lighting will also change people's future lifestyle.


Future, LED will be agriculture, health, communications and other fields extend people's vegetable may promote the production, quality and yield greatly enhanced by special LED light irradiation; in the medical field, dental fillings can be illuminated by LED lights instantaneous solidification, cut short Our suffering time; everyday we break a small wound can smear a special material, and illumination LED lighting instant fix, painless and health; in the communications field, future implantable WiFi module LED lighting in signal transmission let us truly experience the ubiquitous signal.


"LED lighting is leading a major change in the lighting industry, the future will be driven into the application needs to lead the LED lighting new stage of development." Academician Zheng Dou said, the future, LED will stand on a new starting point of human light application of innovative technologies, targeting a wide lighting applications, creating more energy-efficient LED lighting has become, green, intelligent, digitized and networked lighting era.


According to a survey of National Semiconductor Lighting Industry Alliance R & D and show that in 2013, China's semiconductor lighting industry as a whole to pick up, LED functional lighting market quick start, indeed ushered in the spring of LED lighting. By 2014, China's LED industry will continue upward trend in 2013, ushered in a new round of growth, output growth is expected this year to reach about 40%.


LED as a starting point to conduct cross-strait cooperation


Ling made in semiconductor lighting development goals by 2015, the national output value reached 500 billion yuan, the cost decreased by 50%; in the functional lighting market penetration rate of 30%, saving 100 billion kwh; strive to 2020 output over a million yuan, the market penetration of more than 70%, total savings of 340 billion kwh electricity.


"Cross-strait cooperation optoelectronics industry, the most important thing is to find a good entry point." The Secretary-General Macheng Bo Xiamen Optoelectronics Industry Association, in 2008 the two sides launched the first "bridge project" to "bypass the government, the private bridge" concept In Xiamen and Guangzhou, the two cross-strait LED pilot cooperation program, which has laid a good foundation for cross-strait cooperation in the photovoltaic industry. Today, the two sides to further deepen cooperation and exchange, LED as a pilot project will be a good entry point.


"LED's power consumption is approximately equivalent to only 20% with the brightness of traditional incandescent light sources. Industry status as much attention, let alone have jumped to a new era of semiconductor light source lighting system indispensable element." Workers in Taiwan IAS Opto-Electronics components and application systems group leader, said Zhu catechumens, how to use the LED industry development experience, needs the joint efforts of the two sides of industry key technology research and development of LED lighting continuous inputs.


2004, Xiamen City, the first in the country to implement the photovoltaic industry development plan proactively, through good cooperation with Taiwan's optoelectronics industry, etc., has made remarkable achievements. 10 years, the total number of enterprises in Xiamen City photoelectric grow from more than 50 to more than 300, the industrial output value grew from 6 billion yuan to 121.8 billion yuan, an increase of 20 times, into two photoelectric output value of hundreds of billions of Fujian Province One of the city; in March this year, Xiamen Award as the nation's first national semiconductor lighting industrial bases, was named the Ministry of Science and one of only two A class semiconductor lighting bases in China; "innovation, quality, focus on "the development of specialized LED lighting industry has become the country's 14 national sample of semiconductor lighting industrial base for the development of the industry as" Xiamen Mode ", became one of two models of LED industry.


"Both sides of the LED lighting industry should be excited by mutual advantage, complementary advantages and common to create a Chinese brand." Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association Wang Binglong that, LED lighting R & D in Taiwan early, strong experience in semiconductors highlight the advantages and mainland funds have good technical condition, the Xiamen frontier is as Taiwan LED epitaxial chips and high-end LED bulb manufacture, export of town, industry cluster effect is significant. So play the advantages of both, think globally, cooperation and development is the win-win and common prosperity of the road.