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Li Juqiang vice president went to Japan to participate in the 15th World Kyoto Heat Assembly
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August 10, 2014 to 15, the 15th International Conference of heat [The 15th International Heat Transfer Conference (IHTC-15)] was held in Kyoto, Japan. I Liju Jiang, deputy general manager and senior researcher Wu Bangxian (Chinese Academy of Engineering, Institute of Physics Fellow heat) to Kyoto to attend the meeting and published in the General Assembly entitled "APPLICATION OF HEAT TRANSFER TECHNOLOGY WITH PHASE CHANGE INHIBITED TO INTEGRATED HEAT DERIVING AND RADIATING SYSTEMS" paper (paper Number: IHTC15-8700). Wu Bangxian researchers spoke at the meeting and during the meeting with national experts to conduct heat depth and wide-ranging exchange of views.

International Transfer Assembly every four years, is currently the highest academic level of heat transfer, the largest-scale meeting, known as the Olympics of the international community of heat transfer from the United States, Germany, Russia, Japan, Israel and other dozens More than 2,000 leading experts and scholars in the field of heat transfer countries and regions took part in the meeting.