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MIIT: intelligent manufacturing industry is one of the entry points of the Internet
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We learned from the Ministry website, in 2015 intelligent manufacturing special projects are publicized, and it includes 94 intelligent manufacturing special projects, Sichuan Changhong and other 17 listed companies reporting projects selected, which also marked the official launch of intelligent manufacturing special projects. The industry generally believe that intelligent manufacturing is becoming a national strategic high ground, or will run through the second half continued hot investment theme.

Minister of Industry and Miao Wei said, intelligent manufacturing industry is one of the starting point of the Internet +.

Currently, in the Internet era, consumer demand for personalized increasingly prominent, Changhong to meet the needs of individual users as the goal is to build intelligent manufacturing to mass customization based Intelligent strategies and by USO, ERP, MES and other information management systems interact with customers, to break the wall between consumers and factories.

According to Dr. general manager of Changhong Engineering Technology Center 潘晓勇 introduced in the course of practice and exploration, Changhong "IE (Industrial Engineering) + IT (information technology) + AT (Automation) + DFM (design for manufacturability)" as the core technology, set up a quick, flexible and efficient intelligent manufacturing systems. Using industrial engineering methods, overall planning system from process management.

Implement manufacturing equipment from hardware and software through automation and production information to improve manufacturing agility. In DFM as the guiding ideology, to enter the user interaction needs, from product design modularity and standardization of the foundation of the research carried out open-architecture design, improve manufacturing flexibility.

Through the establishment of supply chain management system to improve supply chain management, continuing to make the logistics of the manufacturing process, information flow, capital flow and efficient coordination and improve manufacturing efficiency.

According to the June 3 evening Sichuan Changhong announced that its controlling shareholder of Sichuan Changhong Electronic Group Co., the company name was changed to Sichuan Changhong Electronics Group Holdings Ltd., marking the Sichuan Changhong SOE reform has taken solid steps.

Statistics show that longitudinal clear functional orientation Changhong, strengthen the core competitiveness of industries and practice a product manager responsibility system, so as to stimulate business vitality; lateral development platform to build smart, intelligent manufacturing platform, intelligent trading platform three platforms, build big data, cloud platform to promote Changhong to smart home products and service providers intelligence community under the restructuring and upgrading.

Analysts pointed out that as the "China 2025," an important starting point is the inevitable direction of intelligent manufacturing entity industrial transformation and upgrading, Sichuan Changhong "Made in China 2025" stocks official debut.