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Phase change heat transfer inhibition (PCI) technology seminar held successfully
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January 28, 2015 afternoon, the heat transfer (PCI) and efficient heat transfer technology symposium suppressing heat Zhejiang Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Engineering jointly  device held in the first floor conference  power company Room successfully held.

    At the meeting, Jia Xiguang electrical technical director, director, phase change heat transfer inhibition (PCI) technology inventor --CheachiangSae Lee specifically introduced PCI technology. Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Thermal Physics Engineering director of research for the years PCI technical principles briefly reviewed; and is expected to be published showing the results of major importance in the near future. Then, from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Guangdong Standardization Institute, China Electronics Technology Group 18, heat transfer theory and application experts in related fields Delta Electronics and other agencies and units respectively, for the PCI technology The theoretical study and application prospect of a thematic discussion. A warm atmosphere, the experts took the floor have spoken on the issue from different angles of interest. Mr. CheachiangSae Lee and Tang Zhuren respectively concern the experts made a brief explanatory statement. After the meeting, the experts also visited the PCI radiator production workshop.

    Through this meeting, attended by experts in related areas have expressed PCI technology has a better understanding, and generally considered, PCI technology will be widely used lighting, LCD televisions, cars, IGBT, flat plate solar collector, TEC and national defense, and other industries.