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Research and development of new projects electrical applications focused on high-tech products in Zhejiang Province
Editor:Karhe Technology Co., Ltd. Created On : 2019-05-09 Viewd : 608

Jiaxi Guang electrical integration and efficient heat sink member sheet, COB high-pressure high-power LED street light to declare the success of new products focused on high-tech products in Zhejiang Province. 2013 organized by the Zhejiang Economic and Information Commission, to declare 2013 the focus of high-tech products in Zhejiang ended on May 30, the documentation requirements products meet the province nine strategic emerging industry development planning, "Zhejiang to promote the industry key major technology "double Ten plan". "

 independent research and production of electric re-tech products, with high heat transfer efficiency, long life, small size, light weight, etc., a launch will be awarded to the industry praise, meanwhile, has been recognized by the CAS experts. Jia Xiguang key high-tech electronic products production, will directly promote local employment to 50 people, to the country a tax increase even more.