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The new SA series LED Jiaxi photoelectric streetlights officially put into operation
Editor:Karhe Technology Co., Ltd. Created On : 2019-05-09 Viewd : 611

In August 8, 2012, based on the "integration of thin Jiaxi photoelectric type high efficient conduction heat radiator" developed by LED streetlights officially put into operation, the street lamp radiator temperature can reach ± 2 degrees. Theheat transfer performance of the light source can work stably in the junction temperature under very low.

This product is made by high efficiency COB lamp package constant current source driver. Has the following advantages:

1 super light the lamp body (110W LED headlamp weight ≤ 5kg), has stronger anti shock, anti strong performance, low requirement to the pole bearing;

The 2 light source with high luminous efficiency of LED chips COB package, the concentration of the light source, high strength, light penetrating;

3 ultra light high strength heat radiator, heat transfer speed, temperature uniformity is good, the relatively lower source junction temperature, to ensure that the lamp with performance more stable;

4 the use of high strength insulation material (for material aging resistance of BMC/PC vehicle shell) shell, namely beautiful light, and has strong ability of antilightning;

5 the use of high boron silicon material, high transmittance, opticalprocessing good integrity, long-term use of ills no emulsification turbidity;

6 light, heat and power, convenient repair and replacement.