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Warmly congratulation on Jiaxi being identified as ”Municipal high-tech R&D Center”
Editor:Karhe Technology Co., Ltd. Created On : 2019-05-09 Viewd : 590

According to <Jiaxing High-tech R&D Center Identification Regulation>(NO.47 of Jiaxing Tech [2015]), after an on-site inspection to Jiaxi by the District and The Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, and evaluation by professors, finally Jiaxi R&D Center was identified as “Municipal High-tech Enterprise R&D Center” in August,2015, that reflects the strength of Jiaxi’s technology research reaches a new high level.

   In order to accomplish Jiaxi’s long-term strategic targets, Jiaxi R&D Center constantly strives to develop new products, provide new and high technical service, and also make great efforts to formulate the technical development plan and technical standard. This success of certification not only the recognition and affirmation of our company, but also an incentive to us. Jiaxi would supply better services to customers from home and abroad with continuous innovation and scient management.