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Zhejiang Science and Technology Department leadership to come to visit the guidance electricity
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April 22, 2015, Zhejiang Science and Technology Department Director Zhou Guohui, Director at the high-tech electrical to escorted Jiaxing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau Xing Haihua, Jiashan County Magistrate Xu Qing, Jiashan County Technology Bureau led his party down visit the guidance. Mr. Adams, chairman of positive Ming led all the leaders visited our exhibition center, and introduced the company's prospects and technology foresight and product situation, Mr. vice president of technology  electricity  introduce and demonstrate the company's technology and products, The company has concentrated phase-change inhibition (ie PCI) heat transfer technology research and development, which is a state by controlling the microstructure of the heat transfer medium in a closed system for efficient heat transfer of the new technology, which also won the Chinese Academy of Engineering Thermophysics recognized Institute of Physics. Aluminum plate type heat transfer device PCI form of this technology has been used in many large-scale production and the field of LED lighting, solar collectors and heating and heat sinks. Guohui director and leaders fully endorsed products and technology R & D results electrical, and gave a high evaluation, it said it will be sustained attention to  electricity.